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GLOBE LIMO SA  does its utmost to satisfy at best its clients, since 1958. Many of them have requested for close protection services.

In order to fulfill the numerous demands formulated by its VIP clients, GLOBE LIMO SA has recently created GLOBE PROTECTION division. Its staff is exclusively composed of officers and non-commissioned officers from the Swiss and French Gendarmerie. They are working under the authority of a senior officer : colonel Alain BESSON.

All our agents have developed the skills requested by Swiss and French official organizations in the field of close protection and offer nothing but excellence. GLOBE PROTECTION division completes the range of services dedicated to the limousine division.

Our Mission

Our elite security agents come from a small selection based on : excellence.

The only principle shared by all of us for the recognition and reputation of excellence is: exemplarity.


  • Bring you total protection
  • Ensure you optimal security
  • Rigor, discretion and efficiency
Chauffeur d'autorités


  • Available 24 hours per day and 7 days a week
  • Customised service with a high level of dedication
  • Ensure both strong morals and transparency 


  • Swiss or French gendarmes, some of whom come from the GIGN
  • Professional conscience, experience, rigor
  • All are licensed to carry firearms


Whatever the type of mission, they work to serve our clients in the strictest confidentiality and with the utmost respect for their privacy.

Our personal protection agents and our protection and authority chauffeurs are entirely at your disposal.